Yong Hwa is a famous Prism Star. He is very popular and whenever his name is said a huge crowd of girls stampede towards him giving Puretty or Prismmy the difficult task of grabbing him and running away before it's too late. Yong Hwa knows what a person loves most and he has his own name for it: Heart Shuffle.

Personality Edit

Yong Hwa has a cheerful personality and is almost always seen with a grin on his face.

Role in the Plot Edit

Yong Hwa made his first appearance in Episode 22. After bumping into both Prismmy and Puretty, and ran away from a massive crowd, Yong Hwa explains Heart Shuffle and tells them who or what they treasure most in their hearts. From that day on, Yong Hwa is known as a friend, despite Reina's nerves. He is also very interested in Reina's crush and senses a big heart shuffle. In that episode also, Love Mix is born.

Aparece Edit

Yong Hwa has short light blond hair, brown eyes and a silver earring in his left ear. He wears a cloud-print top under a red jacket and wears skinny blue jeans with red and black shoes. However his first Prism Star costume is black and gold and is supposed to give off a prince look. But the his Love Mix costume is identical to Itsuki but in red

Love Mix Edit

Love Mix is the duo of two Prism stars: Yong Hwa and Itsuki. Their first debut was in Episode 30.

Relationships Edit

Itsuki: Yong Hwa's partner in Love Mix is Itsuki. They are great friends and Yong Hwa really enjoys Itsuki's company. If an opportunity arrives, he'll try to get Itsuki to realise his feelings for Reina. His nickname for Itsuki is It-chan

Reina: Yong Hwa is very aware of Reina's crush and is constantly teasing her for it. At the same time he thinks of Reina as cute. In Episode 30, he tried to help Reina with her confession with Love Mix's special Prism Show called Trick or Love. His nickname for Reina is Rei-pon.

Yun su: Yong Hwa is Yun su's childhood friend and helps him with things. Yong Hwa is always the one to encourage him. Yong Hwa calls Yunzu, Yuzu.