Insert Song by SERENON with K
Singer(s): Madoka Yonezawa, Satomi Akesaka, Kanae Itō
Length: 2:32

Yoinakaso♥ (よいなかそ♥; Yoinakaso) is SERENON with K's insert song. This song aired in episodes 36, 39 and 45.


Yossha! Itcho yaru ka
Nandakanda de sokkō
Saikyō otome Pātī

Awate nasan na kotoba janakute mo Hāto de wakaru nda
Sekai wa omoro

Otona butte mo rashikunai dakara hashaide goisshoni
Umare teta noshi!

Nandemo dekiru nani ni demo nareru yo

Se ̄ no!

Yossha! Itcho yaru ka
Nandakanda de sokkō
Waiwai kawaii fuku de

Yossha! Itcho yaru ka
Chikyū ga taihen

Sā susumi dase kyou no kuru nara
Ashita no kimi e konnichiwa!

Alright! Let's do it!
Attack with a bite!
A party of girls are the strongest!

Please do not panic, words are unneeded, I understand by heart
The world of tomorrow!

Acting like an adult too, apparently not because laughter is with us
We are born fun!
I can do anything, there's nothing to stand in my way

Ready and...!

Alright! Let's do it!
Attack with a bite!
Yay! In cute clothes!

Alright! Let's do it!
Earth is in danger!
With our beautiful dance!

Now, go all out and if now is today,
Hello to you for tomorrow!

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