Amy Morizono



Amy's casual cloting

15 year old girl with long blonde hair.She ties them in a pony divided in two parts.She is one of the main protagnists in pretty rythym butterfly remix.


Amy is a girl with high attitude and pride.Her ways to talk to people are so rude that evrybody hates her.She  dedicated all her time to her mother whom she loves most and wants to take revenge on prism shows.She is very nice on the inside and very hard-working.

Role in the plot

Amy first appeared in front of pretty top smiling.She was drgged in by Lia and Maya who wanted another person in thier group to debut.Amy personality turns from a hard core person to a nice girl.A girl bound to take revenge on Kyoko Asachi as her wqin destroyed her mothers life when she lost while she was deserved the award.Liya and Maya make her understand that life is fun and not every bad incident happens on purpose.She becomes best friends with them and continues prism shows.