Que Sera
Insert Song by MARs
Singer(s): Kana Asumi, Sayuri Hara, Azusa Kataoka
Length: 3:05

Que Sera (ケ・セラ; Ke・Sera) is one of MARs' songs. This song is also included in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Prism☆Music Collection DX. It is sung by Aira, Mion and Rizumu


Haha ni ane ni koibito...
Kaze ni ame ni kokage ni......
Itsudemo nareru anata no tame nara

Umi he sora he uchuu he......
Kono mune kara tobitatsu
Tatta hitotsu no hikari no nawa 『Ai』

Yume ga egaku SHUPŪRU gatto bi

QUE SERA de Iiyo iino sono mamade iinda
Soko ni itekureru dakede
HAPI RAKI na mirai gaaru
Ryoute wo hirogete
Donna anata demo daijoubu
Kowai koto nado (Que Sera Que Sera) nan ni monai (Que Sera Que Sera)
(Que Sera Que Sera x2)

Watashi no ai wa makenai
Watashi no koe wa karenai
Watashitachi no ayumi wa tomaranai

Moshimo tamashii wo ushinatte mo
Kibou no soba ni ite

QUE SERA de Iiyo iino sono mamade iinda
Ikite ite kureta dakede
Yasashisa ga umare
Sekaijuu wo uruoshite yuku
Kanashimi nanka (Que Sera Que Sera) tomodachi ne (Que Sera Que Sera)
Nan ni monai (Que Sera Que Sera) Zenbu aru

A mother, an older sister or a lover...
In wind, rain and under the shade of the tree......
I can become anything, as long as it's for your sake

From the sea, to the sky, into space......
Flies away from this chest...
This only one light named "Love"

I'll kick the pencil that traces our dreams
By going on a travel that won't end

It will be alight, it will be okay, it's good as it is
But as long as you're there
It'll be a Happy Lucky future
I'll open my arms
no matter who you are, it's alright
There isn't such a thing (Que Sera Que Sera) to be scared about (Que Sera Que Sera)
(Que Sera Que Sera x2)

My love won't lose
My voice won't die
Our history won't end

Even if your soul disappears
Hope will stay by your side

It will be alright, it will be okay, it's good as it is
But as long as you're there

Your switch will be on
Kindness is born
The world will surely be glad to recieve it
In sadness (Que Sera Que Sera) you have friends (Que Sera Que Sera)
If you have nothing (Que Sera Que Sera) then you have everything

Trivia Edit

  • This song includes Aira Harune and Mion Takamine's catchphrases (Aira's Happy Lucky and Mion's Switch On)

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