Miracle Idol Wake Up!
Prizmmy's Prism Act

Prizmmy's Prism Act

Performed By: Prizmmy☆

Miracle Idol Wake Up! is Prizmmy☆'s first and main Prism Act. This Prism Act is accompanied by the song my Transform.[1]


First a large pink flower opens up to reveal Prizmmy☆. Next, a microphone spins in the air for Mia to jump and catch it, at the same time, rainbow speakers appear and all the members of Prizmmy☆ each land on a large disk. All the members of Prizmmy☆ sing the song, my Transform, and soon they all shout the name of their Prism Act: Prism Act: Miracle Idol Wake Up. After that, all the disks are lifted into the air at high speed and all the members of Prizmmy☆ jump onto a larger disk together and pose, ending their Prism Act.[1]



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