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Our wikia is dedicated to Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (プリティーリズム ディア・マイ・フューチャー), a sequel to the original anime, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream by Tatsunoko Production. It started airing on 7 April 2012. Please help us by editing or by creating pages!
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Featured Character
Karin Shijimi

Karin Shijimi is a girl with a candid personality and makes the people around her cheer up. Though she causes a lot of trouble for others, she is very thoughtful and selfless. She loves to move her body and holds the skill for wonderful dance. From time to time, Karin helps Mia practice her dance so they can all perform a Prism Act together. (more...)

Featured Team

Prizmmy☆ is the main Prism Show Team in Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. They are composed four members: Reina, Karin, Ayami and their leader Mia. (more...)

Featured Song
Que Sera

Que Sera (ケ・セラで; Ke・Sera) is one of MARs' image songs. This article contains lyrics. (more...).

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Current Opening Song
(HD) Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - Opening 4

(HD) Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - Opening 4

Current Ending Song
(HD)Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - Ending 4 - Shuwa Shuwa Baby

(HD)Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future - Ending 4 - Shuwa Shuwa Baby

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