Kaname Chris is a Prism Star with unexpectedly high skills despite her young age. She is considered a genius, due to the fact that she can remember whole routines by only seeing them once. She is not a Japanese native; she is in fact of Russian birth and descent. She treated Sonata as her "Maman" (French for "mama" or "mother"), and even decided to throw away her heart (unsucessfully) to perform the true Aurora Rising.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Edit

After Sonata decided to return to Rizumu and Ryutaro's side as their mother and wife respectively, Kaname joined them as the adopted daughter of the family. Kaname has been seen to have grown in the past 3 years, having longer hair and sporting glasses and a middle school uniform. However, during Prism Shows, she takes off her glasses. In Mia's vision of the future, she finds her real parents.