Hye In
Age: 15[1]
Gender: FemaleFemale
Height: 162 cm
Personal Status
Education: Pretty Top Dance School
Professional Status
Affiliation: Dear Princess
Occupation: Student
Prism Star
Anime: Episode 3[2]
Japanese: Kanae Itō[3]

Hye In (ヘイン; Haein) is a student from Korea who applied for the Prism Study Abroad Program in Japan at Pretty Top. She has a lively personality, but works very hard and seriously in Prism Shows. She is Mia's childhood friend and later in the series, she forms a Prism Show Team called PURETTY along with the other students who applied for the program.


She has a lively personality, but works very hard and seriously at whatever she does. She's childhood friends with Mia. Hye In also becomes interested in Symphonia Series and is willing to help Yunsu with his dream by sponsoring for him. She has a hobby that she really enjoys, which is practising and increasing her stamina, such as running 30 laps, doing 200 push-ups, doing beach flag, etc.She won MVP and the Symphonia Dress at the Symphonia Summer Festival, despite not winning the festival itself.


Hye In has long, dark brown hair and sharp, light blue eyes. She is rarely seen without wearing her yellow hairpin. Hye In usually wears dark-colored clothing especially Dear Crown's style.


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