Ayami Ooruri
Ayami Ooruri
Age: 12[1]
Gender: FemaleFemale
Height: 160 cm
Personal Status
Education: Pretty Top[2]
Professional Status
Affiliation: Pretty Top
Occupation: Student
Prism Mate
Prism Star
Anime: Episode 1[2]
Japanese: Ayane Sakura[3]

Ayami Ooruri (大瑠璃あやみ; Ooruri Ayami)[1] is one of the main characters of Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future.

Character OverviewEdit

The youngest member of Prizmmy☆, Ayami is a kind, quiet and shy girl. She has a habit of writing notes in her notepad from her life experience which usually comes in handy, especially when it comes to designing outfits or writing lyrics. She also happens to have an affinity for fashion like Aira. Ayami seems to be very good at acting when she played the villain in the Magical Mion show, demonstrating another side to her.

However, when push comes to shove, Ayami can be quite courageous and will do her best to protect and support her friends. She will never give up in any situation as well, because she, just like Reina and Karin, was influenced by Mia's passion and determination throughout the series.Her theme colour is Baby Pink and her element is Lovely. Her catch phrase is 'MemoMemo desu'.


Ayami has long, dark blue hair and round, dark salmon eyes. Her hair is most often tied into a ponytail along with a light pink accessory such as ribbons. Ayami usually wears light pink, feminine outfits.


Mirage JETEdit

Ayami Sprouts Attire Designed by Shou, this outfit was worn by Ayami when she participated in the Symphonia Selection: Road to Symphonia with Reina and Jae Eun. Her outfit is a pink and frilly maid dress with a black ribbon in the middle and a black cat applique on the bottom right of her apron. She wears knee-high light pink and white striped socks, a pair of pink shoes, a pair of black, fingerless gloves and a pink ribbon to tie her hair. To finish this outfit, Yammy transforms into her usual accessory.
Ayami is also the main part of Sprouts .


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